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Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, off the eastern coast of Tanzania, a few degrees south of the Equator. It consists of two main islands, Unguja (usually known as Zanzibar) to the south and Pemba to the north, and over forty much smaller islands, some of which are uninhabited. The beaches of Zanzibar are simply sensational-white and powdery with warm, azure blue, crystal clear ocean waters.

Ethiopian Airlines and Oman Air provide connections from Europe that land directly at Zanzibar International Airport. British Airways, KLM, Emirates, Quatar and Swiss Air land in Dar es Salaam; from here you can easily continue your journey by domestic flight or high-speed ferry to the island of Zanzibar. Domestic flights on the Dar es Salaam/Zanzibar route are operated by local companies like Precision Air, Coastal Aviation and ZanAir, and last about 20 minutes. Connections by sea are provided by Azam Marine and last about 2 hours by high-speed ferry.